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GEORGIA by Jodie Patterson is a beauty company that offers more than just product. We help you ignite your inner and outer beauty. Daily doses of: Natural Beauty Care, Healthy Salon Services, Inspiring Beauty Tips, plus Family, Travel, Small Business, Fashion & Health Tips. We’re all about the activity of being beautiful!

  • _MG_8729

    A Family Portrait – Whatever Wednesdays. Random Jodie Moments

    Family is what you gravitate towards. It’s the reason for staying and the impetus for doing. Family is the everything that matters at the close of each day. Michele Crowe visited with us at home in Brooklyn and snapped us … Continue reading

  • Creative Thinker

    Lana Ogilvie: Celestial – What Is Beauty?

      Lana Ogilvie   Occupation: Mom, model, jeweler, creative thinker   Passion: Music and art   Work philosophy: I enjoy going to work with people I truly like. I’ve never really played ‘the game’ in the fashion industry. I always hope people book … Continue reading

  • upclose ninja 2

    Be A Ninja – Whatever Wednesdays (Side Notes & Random Jodie Moments)

    There’s nothing more moving than to clean up behind your kids (as we do every damn day) and stumble upon something (tucked deep under a pillow) that so genuinely reflects who they are at that singular moment in time. A … Continue reading

  • what bubbles up fro inside of you?

    Beauty to Match Your Mood – TransformationTuesdays

    There was a time in my life when I was painfully uncomfortable with my looks. I felt small and awkward. Boyish and goofy. The polar opposite of pretty.  In fact, next to my graceful and womanly older sisters, I wanted … Continue reading

  • Penel

    TRANSparent: Creating A Beautiful Life for My Child (#MamaBearMondays)

    Many people have asked me “Why put your business on the streets? Why point the spotlight  on such a personal conversation? Why expose yourself and your family to ridicule and danger?   Transgender.   Everything in me told me to … Continue reading

  • Tai, get to know her

    Beauty Explorer: Tai Beauchamp

    Beauty Explorer: Tai Beauchamp There are few people who intrigue me like Tai Beauchamp. I think it’s because she’s so darn elusive. She’s tall and stately. Doe-eyed and elegant. Red lipped, well spoken and so very, very well dressed. She’s … Continue reading

  • hair

    Beauty Boss Tries Something New

    In more Beauty Boss News: I was recently invited for a complementary wash and style courtesy of Verizon Wireless. This sounded suspicious to my mom who’s nearing 70, but for my generation and younger, beauty and technology go hand in … Continue reading

  • Georgia

    When Great Trees Fall – Maya Angelou

      And when great souls die, after a period peace blooms, slowly and always irregularly. Spaces fill with a kind of soothing electric vibration. Our senses restored, never to be the same, whisper to us. They existed. They existed. We … Continue reading

  • brown beauty

    Get me out of the ethnic aisle!

    Beauty is emotion.  It’s about what’s going on deep inside of us: who we are and who we want desperately to become. We’re never simply buying a lipstick, we’re buying a feeling. And a hairstyle is actually a hair-story about … Continue reading

  • Transitions require...

    Desiree Rogers – Older, Sexy and a Bawse

    Desiree Rogers is the CEO of Johnson Publishing Co. – owner of Fashion Fair Cosmetics. She’s a bonafide Bawse.  It makes total sense that I asked for a lunch meeting with Mrs. Rogers. I wanted to hear directly from her, what … Continue reading

  • Georgia

    Ashley Barnes: The Do-er + The Dreamer. What Is Beauty?

    Occupation: Partner, Georgia NY. I handle sales, marketing, growth and whatever else needs doing.   Passion: Promoting holistic ideas about beauty. I’m really proud to work for a brand that is interested in the whole person and provides natural products … Continue reading

  • The streets of NYC inspired us

    Be Curious. Experience Frequently. Do Things.

    Beauties, Always stay curious enough to expose yourself to lots of opportunities. This has been my motto for as long as I can remember. Competitive gymnast, world traveler, circus acrobat, book editor, pet shop salesperson, night-club co-owner, fashion publicist, pond swimmer, beauty … Continue reading

  • Still & Formless for 2014

    It Was The Year of The Female Dragon

    Beauties, At the start of each year I begin with a somewhat clumsy entry. It’s a day or two of deep introspection where I think strongly about what I’m grateful for and deeply on my regrets. It’s a combination that … Continue reading

  • Into the New Year we go - together! 2014

    We Are Stars. 2014 is here!

    Stars, I believe in you. I know you. I see you. Try your best each day to find joy in the little things…these happinesses will sustain you through life. There is no need to know everything, but you must find … Continue reading

  • Besties

    On Color + Love – GeorgiaNY keeps it real

    I was talking with my six year old son, Penel, the other day and through our conversation he heard me refer to our dear family friend as a “white woman”.  He looked at me and said, “WHAT, Charcy is white?!? … Continue reading

  • Mama + Ladybug

    The Unrealistic Expectations of Girls: MamaBear Mondays

    The Unrealistic Expectations of Girls When I say my life is crazy-beautiful, I truly mean it. Each day is a frenzy of obligations and deadlines – yet somehow my family and work finally feel really, really great. But as we … Continue reading

  • Latham owns her magic!

    Latham Thomas: Own Your Magic. What Is Beauty?

            Latham Thomas Occupation: Wellness Practitioner, Author, Founder of Mama Glow Passion: Helping women achieve optimal wellbeing through pregnancy and claiming their power within Work Philosophy and Strategy: Do what moves you. I really listen to the … Continue reading

  • Beauty flows

    Maryam Moma. Let It Fow. What Is Beauty?

    Maryam Moma Occupation: Entrepreneur, Model, Creative Director at Yamerra Passion: Creating and giving value. I’m passionate about my family, food, travel, art, experiencing other cultures, music, and things that strengthen and enrich the mind. Daily beauty routine: My daily beauty routine is … Continue reading

  • Try looking at something you love

    Beauty As Your Tool

    “The more the connection is made to health, confidence or self-esteem, the more that beauty becomes a tool that women can use…” – Linda Wells, WWD When I fall asleep at night I never feel beautiful. Nor should I have … Continue reading

  • Simple Beauty, Sharone Komoroff

    Sharone Komoroff: The SImple Beauty. What Is Beauty?

      Occupation: I own, Pachute, a women’s boutique in NYC Passion: My family Daily beauty routine: The name of my shop, Pachute, means “simple” in Hebrew. I named it that because I really believe in keeping things simple. Simple beauty, simple … Continue reading

  • Candice Cook (far left) + me + Sophia Chang

    He’s a Hero, Accept it! Charles Ramsey. by Candice Cook /GeorgiaWORLD

    Beauties, GeorgiaWORLD Guest Bloggers: These women are contagious trailblazers and fresh-thinking forecasters – all stunning, interesting and opinionated. They’ve connected their dots and harnessed multiple passions to become what I think are the blueprints for the new modern woman – each approaching … Continue reading

  • Man + Woman

    Advice for Husbands

    Beauties, I though I’d open up this week with some insightful humor, from a woman I know dearly, but remains anonymous for these purposes.  Read the entire thing, it’s so damn hysterical …and right on point. Share it. Comment on … Continue reading

  • I'm in the right place at the right time.

    Words Matter. Compliments vs Daggers

    Beauties, I’m too often second guessing myself, and almost always feeling some level of displacement. It’s this weird, schizophrenic thing that women, generally do.  At one moment, we question if  we’re doing enough. And then a split second later we’re … Continue reading

  • Delphine Diallo. The Everything-Woman

    Delphine Diallo: The Everything-Woman. What Is Beauty?

    Delphine Diallo   Occupation: Photographer, collagist, director.   Passion: Everything….Research, science, anthropology, psychology, religions, mythologies, traveling, photography, reading, life.   Daily Beauty Routine: I wake up and jump right into the shower – scrubbing my body with a luffa glove & … Continue reading

  • Dont be afraid of pain

    Raising Free + Powerful Kids!

    You’ve never met a winner who hasn’t felt real pain.   Body blows are not something most young girls, or women, are used to receiving. Under the normal circumstances, we are thought of as something to preserve. Nice, maintained, pretty, … Continue reading

  • Pretty is as Pretty does - Judia Black

    Judia Black. Enthusiast: What is Beauty?

      Judia Black Occupation: Entrepreneur, Sommelier, Food & Wine Enthusiast, Lover of Life Passion: I’m compassionate and I love connecting with others.  Seeing the best in people and then helping them reach their height potential – that’s what I’m really into. … Continue reading

  • Blended, Mixed and Mashed

    Jada Pinket Smith on Blended Families

    Beauties, Jada Pinket Smith is a smart woman. She’s so precise with her words that I was compelled to share some of them with you.  Plus, the subject matter hit home for me and sent me into deep thoughts about … Continue reading

  • release

    How My Very Small Business Just Expanded. Flow: Breakthrough

    When Control No Longer Works Beauties, I’m never comfortable releasing control – just ask my Teen, my PapaBear, or even my mother. To release and to let go is not in my DNA. I prefer to hold on tight and … Continue reading

  • My Convent of the Sacred Heart posse

    Too Cool For High School: Beauty & The Teen

      High School Beauty: HAIR: Super wide curling iron, daily. Flipped bang. Lemon to highlight the tips (ouch). MAKE-UP: Black eyeliner on the outside and inside of my eyes. Face Powder. SKIN: DYI Plain-Yoguart facials, weekly. ATTITUDE: Everything is possible.   … Continue reading

  • Jump In!

    Cure Your Winter Blues. Whatever Wednesdays. Random Jodie Moments

    Beauties, This winter has been cold and full of hard work. When the weather ices up, all six of us tend to hibernate, gather together and slow – it – down.  Staying indoors, where it’s cozy and full of our … Continue reading

  • Dry scalp is NOT my problem

    SheaRadiance – The Best Hair Trilogy Out! Transformation Tuesday

    Beauties, One of my dirty-little secrets is my dry scalp. Sounds silly and trite, but I’m not joking. Quite frequently, I’m all dolled up and ready to go get ‘em, and then, my freakin’ scap interrupts my flow. It’s not … Continue reading

  • Penelope top right

    Penelope, Gender & Our Very Own Superhero: Mama Bear Mondays

    I thought I knew it all – and then came Penelope Beauties, If things in life made sense at first glance, life would be dull. We have to go deep to find meaning. Meet Penelope. My third child. The self … Continue reading

  • Beauty Without Struggle

    Get Your Beauty In Order for the New Year. New You. Fancy Fridays

    Beauties, Happy New Year! I’m sure we’re on the right path. I just know it. ‘Beauty Without Struggle’ is my motto this year and forever more. So done with the ugly side of this industry. Let’s redefine what beauty truly … Continue reading

  • jodie citrus 1:2

    Birchbox + Georgia. Beauty Entrepreneurs Unite

        Beauties, Meet my clique, the Dell #Inspire 100, an amazing group of entrepreneurs, world changers and creatives. A motley crew of over achievers and dreamers – just my type. No need to ever ask for any more than this…Smart, … Continue reading

  • Jodie Patterson

    Millana Snow. Entrepreneur: Fancy Friday. What is Beauty?

    Millana Snow   Occupation: Entrepreneur – founder, Serene City Retreat + Model/Actress Passion: People. I love learning from people and about the things that connect us universally – food, music, travel! I thoroughly enjoy making new friends. Daily Beauty Routine: … Continue reading

  • Jihae Kim

    Jihae Kim – Self Employed: Breakthrough Thursday. Small Business Crossroads

    Beauties, Being beautiful on the outside isn’t enough. My girl Jihae knows this and has nailed it.  She’s both successful and beautiful.  For her, everything starts from the inside and then is expressed outwardly.  Her style, her voice, her stance – … Continue reading

  • Jodie Patterson copy small

    My Tech-Tribe, the Dell #Inspire 100: Whatever Wednesday…Random Jodie Moments

    Beauties, Here’s the funny thing…I am horrible with all things technical. Can’t find the Finder button to save my life. My teenage daughter, Georgia is constantly helping me upload images, edit video, sign documents from my laptop…all that. I struggle … Continue reading

  • Jodie Patterson

    The Wooden Brush: Transformation Tuesday…beauty & such

    This wooden brush is essential for gentle detangling curly hair. Used best on wet hair, the flexible rubber pad allows for the brush to adjust to the needs of each strand. Continue reading

  • Jodie Patterson copy small

    Invisible?…Never: MamaBear Monday @GeorgiaNY

    Beauties, Here is a excerpt from one of my most interesting interviews.  It was done by Tanya Manderson.  She writes about women.  She had a few questions for me… Your oldest daughter is bi-racial.  What do you plan on teaching her … Continue reading

  • GEORGIA By Jodie Patterson

    Rita Nakouzi. Fancy Fridays: What Is Beauty?

    Rita Nakouzi Occupation: Trend Forcaster, Concept Designer. Creative Director of 4.5 Productions Passion: I love learning about new places, artists, tribes and uncovering the complex layers lying benieth the surface of things. That’s ultimately what informs my work but also … Continue reading

  • jodie citrus pants :hat1

    WE DID IT! Barack Obama is our President.

    Beauties, Yesterday I felt very connected to all the mamas in my family, especially the ones that are no longer alive.  Yesterday, like our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, I did whatever it took to make things right and commit … Continue reading

  • jodie citrus pants :hat1

    BEST HOLIDAY GIFTS – On Budget + With Purpose. Breakthrough Thursday: Small Business Crossroads

      Beauties, There is always a trade-off, of course. But the goal is to make sure what you receive is irresistible. For small business owners, the trade off for being independent, passionate and lifestyle-rich, is often being, well – shall … Continue reading

  • jodie citrus pants :hat1

    My Love: Whatever Wednesday…Random Jodie Moments

    Beauties, If it weren’t for him I’d be someone very different than who I am today. Probably very happy and loving, because that’s my nature – but so very different. He’s got me. We roll together. I have no fear. … Continue reading

  • Eyes. Lashes. Arms. Go!

    Eyelashes. The BIG Easy: Transformation Tuesdays…beauty and such

    Beauties, Simple, powerful ways to look and feel beautiful are the sweet spot in beauty maintenance. I always go for techniques that simplify my boudoir time (I’m generally about 15 minutes max) and simultaneously make me feel like a gem. … Continue reading

  • As parents, we never stop

    How Much Is Enough? MamaBear Mondays. This Woman’s Work (for mothers & mothers-to-be)

    Beauties, What is enough? What is sufficient? I’ve been asking myself this a lot recently. As a mom there is always more to do and more to give – but recently it feels like there might be less to spread … Continue reading

  • jodie citrus pants :hat1

    Amy Swift. Fancy Fridays: What Is Beauty?

    Amy Swift Occupation: I’m a marketing strategist and founder of SMARTY, a community for entrepreneurial women. We produce tons of event for women in business in southern California and are now launching in Boston. Passion: My passions range from health & wellness … Continue reading

  • jodie hat1

    The Mechanics of a Start-Up: Breakthrough Thursdays (small business crossroads)

    Toolkit for Success Beauties, Passion is usually the impetus to every small business concept. When we find ourselves at a critical point in our lives, we re-examine everything that means anything to us.  Personal crossroads lead us to entrepreneurial ideas … Continue reading

  • Racing Heart: An Ellie Pyle painting

    Art by Ellie Pyle. Whatever Wednesdays: Random Jodie Moments

    Beauties, Ellie Pyle is an artist I adore. Pyle has developed a strong downtown collectorship for her vibrant, iconic paintings that frequently tout excessively available imagry culled from the most obvious sources. Despite her works’ elusive simplicity, her surfaces are … Continue reading

  • jodie hat1

    What Is Beauty?: Transformation Tuesdays…beauty and such

    Beauty is an Activity. It’s really not about the application of make up and the style of our hair. It’s about connecting your inner feelings and your outer world.  Once we can tap into a mood and express that mood … Continue reading

  • Jodie Patterson

    The Elements of Being Whole. MamaBear Mondays: This Woman’s Work (for mothers and mothers-to-be)

      Beauties, Someone asked me the other day: How do you balance it all – work life with home life? Here’s the short answer: There is no balance. I’m not balanced. All of my girlfriends are not balanced. I’m not even … Continue reading

  • Denise DePass, Actor

    Denise De Pass. Fancy Fridays: What Is Beauty?

      Denise De Pass Occupation: Actor Passion: My own self expression & making a difference in other people’s lives. Daily Beauty Routine: My face requires extra attention. First, I use A cleanser from Basis that I like. Next, I use … Continue reading

  • Peep the Peacock!

    New Packaging: Breakthrough Thursdays (small business crossroads)

    Beauties, Things change. People evolve….and of course our brands follow the lead of our lifestyles. We’ve been very busy. Traveling to foreign countries as well as local hideaways, soaking up time with our families, looking deep with in ourselves for … Continue reading

  • yes

    Are We Nature Deficient? Whatever Wednesdays…Random Jodie Moments

    “There was a child went forth every day, And the first object he look’d upon, that object he became, and that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day, Or for many years … Continue reading

  • My trilogy for internal bliss

    My Trilogy for Internal Bliss: Supplements! Transformation Tuesdays…beauty and such

    Beauties, If we want to be breathtakingly beautiful, we have to address what we’re putting into our bodies – not just on. Lotions are potions are some of my favorite adornments, yet our bodies need internal care as well. I’ve … Continue reading

  • Business + Love + Beauty

    The 4-Day Work Week. MamaBear Mondays: This Woman’s Work (for mothers & mothers-to-be)

    The 1-4-2-Step Beauties, Let’s re-think how we spend our time.  Five days for work and then two days for frantically doing errands?? I’m just not buying it. Here’s how I’ve mixed it up…One day for ‘set-up’. Four days for ‘hustle’. Tow … Continue reading

  • Pre-Crash

    Faith is Karma is Faith: when life hits you like a speeding car *SPECIAL POST*

    Faith is Karma. Karma is Faith. Beauties, I haven’t delivered a single new post to you this week since Monday. And there’s good reason for that… But more importantly, this will be the only new post I’ll write for the … Continue reading

  • Charcy + Daughter are always well groomed

    Charcy Evers: Fancy Fridays. women + beauty

    Name:   Charcy Evers Occupation:  Trend/Design Consultant. Hands-On Mom. I worked for over 10 years in the fashion industry most recently with Peclers Paris. I now run my own consulting firm. Passion: I have many.  1/Raising my two children to … Continue reading

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