My Trilogy for Internal Bliss: Supplements! Transformation Tuesdays…beauty and such

The Trilogy


If we want to be breathtakingly beautiful, we have to address what we’re putting into our bodies – not just on. Lotions are potions are some of my favorite adornments, yet our bodies need internal care as well.

I’ve been taking three supplements these days that I really like:

BIOTIN: My hair stylist has been recommending it for years. Just over 6 months ago I started taking it regularly.  Love it.  I naturally have thin hair, and after each of my four babes, my hair fell out in what seemed like handfuls. It became really thin and fragile. Now, it’s a bit more full, super soft & shiny and I’m not noticing any hair loss!!  I’ll keep you posted in the changes as I notice them. So far so good! 10,000 mcg per day

KRILL OIL: This crustacean offer a way more potent dose of Omega 3’s and antioxidants than do fish! Some of the benefits are: a healthy heart, diminished signs of aging, a healthy liver, increased concentration & learning – all super sexy benefits. 2x per day

CLEANSE MORE: It’s always a good idea to do a deep internal cleanse.  If we were to hold a mirror up to our intestines, we might not feel so beautiful.  For most people, there is nasty stuff on the walls of our colon that we want nothing to do with.  Get rid of it naturally, and your skin, eyes and physical shape will look so much better!  I get my glow on, naturally! 1x at night

This is what I take.  It works for me. Listen to your body, read some articles on healthy approaches (the Mercola site is my go-to!), and make sure what you choose is all natural.


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