Amy Swift. Fancy Fridays: What Is Beauty?

Amy Swift – Founder, SMARTY

Amy Swift

Occupation: I’m a marketing strategist and founder of SMARTY, a community for entrepreneurial women. We produce tons of event for women in business in southern California and are now launching in Boston.

Passion: My passions range from health & wellness to raw food to empire building! I do love business – I could talk shop for hours.

Daily Beauty Routine: This could get long…I use baking soda to rinse my mouth and gums daily. I use a light facial oil–there are lots of great brands but I go back to Josie Maran Argan Oil. I exfoliate everyday, skin brush, use almond oil on my body, take Epsom salt baths and try do an infrared sauna every day.  I also do raw veggie juices in the morning and try to eat a plant based diet.

Hair Routine: Ok, this is short. I wash twice a week with Purology – plus a condition. Sometimes I’ll do an apple cider vinegar rinse. Love the Purology products–everything I’ve ever tried has been amazing. I rarely brush my hair.

What does beauty mean to me: Beaty is mindfulness. Stillness. Presence. Being there.

Beauty Note: Try to love what you have – your skin, your thighs, your eye brows, your hair.  The more you resist loving those things about yourself, the more they persist, and you’ll spend all your time trying to make them better or change them – and the change will only be incremental. Yes, have your brows done. But don’t wish for Elizabeth Taylor brows if you look like Gwyneth Paltrow.  If you embrace the things that you find imperfect about yourself- they usually become much more beautiful. I used to wish I was mixed – so as long as I wished that, I would always be unhappy with my white skin. Then, I started loving my skin. That’s when things got interesting!  Instead of not having enough, it started to feel like I had everything.

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