Rita Nakouzi. Fancy Fridays: What Is Beauty?

Rita Nakouzi – Creative Director, 4.5 Productions

Rita Nakouzi

Occupation: Trend Forcaster, Concept Designer. Creative Director of 4.5 Productions

Passion: I love learning about new places, artists, tribes and uncovering the complex layers lying benieth the surface of things. That’s ultimately what informs my work but also teaches me a bit more about myself and those closest to me.

Daily Beauty Routine: My beauty routine is very simple.  I wash my face with a cleanser using a cloth and I moisturize with Oil of Olay. I also always add an SPF 50.  If I’ve worn make-up, then I add on a couple of steps including a make-up remover and a toner.

Hair Routine: I wash my hair with shampoo twice a week and wash with conditioner daily. I use Karastase-Bain Oleo. Then, I follow up with my biggest splurge – Shu Uemera’s Essence Absolue.

What Does Beauty Mean To Me: Beauty is a way of life. It’s about being content and accepting who you are.

Beauty Note: Your inner self is a reflection of your outer beauty. Be good and kind to your soul and it will manifest outwardly.

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