Millana Snow. Entrepreneur: Fancy Friday. What is Beauty?

Millana Snow – Founder, Serene City Retreat

Millana Snow


Occupation: Entrepreneur – founder, Serene City Retreat + Model/Actress

Passion: People. I love learning from people and about the things that connect us universally – food, music, travel! I thoroughly enjoy making new friends.

Daily Beauty Routine: I’ve learned that ‘simple’ is best for me! I use a very simple cleanser like Cetaphil, then Avene serum. ┬áIf I have time, I wait about 30 minutes and then use Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer, mascara and a nice lipstick/gloss. I also like to use natural things from my own kitchen – lemon on a problem spot, caffeine to exfoliate and coconut oil to moisturize really dry skin!

Hair Routine: I have learned to be very kind to my hair. I only finger comb my hair under the water, which I do everyday while moisturizing it with One Deva Conditioner or L’Oreal Ever Creme. I try to shampoo only once a week. My stylist made me promise to deep condition at least twice a month, so I often do that while in my gym’s sauna, I LOVE Carol’s Daughter Monoi mask under a shower cap for about 20 minutes.

What Does Beauty Mean to Me: I’m convinced that beauty really does start from the inside. Even in the most literal way. I notice that when I feel good, I look good… but when stressed or worried I get a breakout or look tired. For beauty, as with everything, our outer life is a reflection of our inner life.

Beauty Note: When I stand in my own power, strength and beauty, that energy will precede me wherever I go. Beauty isn’t how I look, but the energy I bring and carry with me. When I know that my strength, glow and beauty is my own, (and that it is unique and non-competitive) I will always stand out as a true beauty.



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