SheaRadiance – The Best Hair Trilogy Out! Transformation Tuesday


Dry scalp, weak hair – NOT my problem

One of my dirty-little secrets is my dry scalp. Sounds silly and trite, but I’m not joking. Quite frequently, I’m all dolled up and ready to go get ‘em, and then, my freakin’ scap interrupts my flow. It’s not dandruff. It’s not about frequent washings. It’s an internal thing.

My Krill Oil supplements are a god-send. They help with a myriad of things from scalp, skin and overall hydration, to heart health. But you have to be religious about taking Krill Oil, and if not, there in lies the problem. I naturally tend to have a dry scalp and cuticles, plus I ran out about two weeks ago, plus I’m having the hardest time getting to the darn store to re-up.

I recently tried something new! The most divine, 3-step hair treatment made by the most divine woman, Funlayo. Here’s what I used:

1/ SheaRadiance Shampoo (no SLS)

2/ SheaRadiance Moisturizing Hair Milk

3/ SheaRadiance Nourishing Hair Repair Cream


All three products are natural based, and high performing – with immediate results.

*Wash two times with the shampoo

*Quick rinse with very warm water

*Quick rinse with cold water

*Spritzed my entire head with Hair Milk, saturating the strands

*Spread a full dime size of the Repair Cream evenly throughout my hair – from root to ends. (I could have even used less)

After my usual roller set, my hair and scalp were amazing. My naturally thin hair felt healthy and strong, shinny, soft and best of all – no dry scalp! My style held it’s shape all night long, and that’s big news for me. Everything about these three products works!

I think I’ve met my new best friend.


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