How My Very Small Business Just Expanded. Flow: Breakthrough

When Control No Longer Works


I’m never comfortable releasing control – just ask my Teen, my PapaBear, or even my mother. To release and to let go is not in my DNA. I prefer to hold on tight and stay involved. I like the feeling of being tied to something – even entangled. Bizzar but true. There’s something romantic about it.  And yes, I’ve become a very loyal friend because of this, with close compatriots from as far back as the sixth grade.

On the flip side, keeping control doesn’t always pan out well for me. Just ask my holistic doctor, my therapist or my business associates. For me, staying in ‘control’ has kept my my business small (and body toxic).  For Control Freaks like myself, it’s difficult to delegate and therefore to scale our businesses. I’ve tried to do everything on my own, but of course that’s simply not possible.  One can’t be Creative Director, Operations Manager, CFO, CEO, Publicist, Marketing Director, Brand Strategist, and Sales Rep all at once.

The One-Woman-Show simply does not work outside of a burlesque environment.

The truth is, we entrepreneurs have to release control so that things can grow, energy can flow and EVERYTHING moves forward.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on expanding my team. I now have Sales Reps (Check this one) (and this one too!) who sell our line, and an intuitive Gap Closer who takes my brilliant ideas and completes them, a trusted CFO who keeps us up and running, a divine Creative Muse, a brilliant Execution Team of smarties who are all very capable of running their own businesses and probably will one day, and not to be forgotten a Wellness Expert who clears my body and mind of debris – so that I can keep us all moving forward.

I’m committed to winning – in business, health and happiness. And to win, I needed to release.


– Jodie

*Joseph Ghartey – CFO

* Johnica Reed – Gap Closer

*Janice Bond – Sales & Culture Guru (South & Midwest)

*Rakia Reynolds – Sales, Marketing & PR Maven (North East)

*Talmie Shimadai – Digestive Health Expert – 718 676-1500


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