Be a Ninja with a Heart

There’s nothing more moving than to clean up behind your kids (as we do every damn day) and stumble upon something (tucked deep under a pillow) that so genuinely reflects who they are at that singular moment in time. A gentle note of reminder to that lazy tooth fairy who somehow forgot to show up several nights in a row. A crayon drawing of all five siblings in size order – plus an unidentified sixth child grinning from ear to ear. A not-so-nice note about mommy being a Mean-y-Pants and Papa being a Stupid Grownup. A song, beautifully and slowly written by your son – about his grit and endless heart.

Ninga (Ninja)

I might be a ninga

But I got a hart

I be tough

But I got a hart

I’m like that

From the start

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Babby eho Babby eho

My legs as hard as steel

I’m not despicable

Oh no Oh yes Oh no Oh yes