Beauty & Tech

In more Beauty Boss News: I was recently invited for a complementary wash and style courtesy of Verizon Wirelessopens in a new window. This sounded suspicious to my mom who’s nearing 70, but for my generation and younger, beauty and technology go hand in hand.  (Think Doobopopens in a new window, my recently launched Beauty e-commerce site)  These days, I’m surrounded by gadgets and product, geeks and enthusiasts, beauty and technology.


On an ordinarily balmy June day I popped into Salon Bohemiaopens in a new window in Park Slope, Brooklyn for a simple wash and blow dry.  I was expecting an average experience. but nothing out of the ordinary.  When I sat in Kiki’s chair I knew I was in great hands. She never even flinched when I pulled out all my annoying moves. First, I always bring my own product. That day I was trying the amazing line, Purely Perfectopens in a new window. Three genius items: a detergent-free shampoo with Aloe and oils that naturally grab dirt. A turbo-charged leave in packed with anti-oxidants and a heat protector that resists humidity. I like the simplicity of the line, so I bring it with me everywhere. Kiki just smiled when I gave her my arsenal.

Next I gave her the script: “Darling Kiki, my hair is fragile, thin and it doesn’t need much heat. A solid blow-dry and a light flat iron will do. I like it straight, parted in the middle and slightly bumped at the ends.  My curls revert easily, but no, I don’t wish to have a keratin treatment.” Kiki smiled again.

Then something really cute happened. Verizon gave me an iPad mini to pull up hairstyle references while sitting in my chair. That was smart – so of course I pulled up pictures of myself on Instagram (I figured I was the best reference for what I wanted to look like.)


New Yorkers are smart; they actually told me I could keep my mini and use it for my family road trip to Niagara Falls. I took a slew of beautiful pictures throughout Canada. And now in total gratitude, I’m writing this post to say, “Thanks Verizon for reminding me how much I love New Yorkers, beauty and technology!”