Tai, get to know her

Tai, get to know her

Beauty Explorer: Tai Beauchamp

There are few people who intrigue me like Tai Beauchamp. I think it’s because she’s so darn elusive. She’s tall and stately. Doe-eyed and elegant. Red lipped, well spoken and so very, very well dressed. She’s Spelman College educated (of course) and ridiculously accomplished. And that’s just the seductive part. The sure-thing part is that she’s relentless. Tai Beauchamp has worked harder than most, day after day, year after year to become the most sought after beauty boss under forty. She gracefully straddles the worlds of corporate and niche and in less than two decades, she’s become the go-to-woman that big brands dial up when in need of authenticity and small brands holler at when in need of popularity. Television, live experiences, web, print – Tai is everywhere that matters in the world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.


I’m a fan, and to get on Tai’s calendar is like trying to grab lunch with Anna Wintour. After several back and forths and multiple conversations with her team members, we carved out a solid half hour together to chat while she relaxed in her Miami hotel room just weeks before the launch of TheTaiLife.com and days before she was to appear on The View.


My Name is: Tai Beauchamp

I live in: New York or on a plane

My job is: to empower women through style!

My hustle is: 18/7

My inspiration is: my Mary and knowing God’s purpose for me.

My favorite song is: anything by Stevie Wonder.

My beauty Mantra is: if you seek beauty, you will find beauty. Seek ugly and well…

My skin looks like: honey coated almonds.

My hair is usually: in need of a cut.

My favorite feature is: My eyes because they take up most of my face and they’re honest.

What does beauty mean to me: Beauty means life, all of its imperfections, its perfect moments, smiles at strangers, laughter with friends and family – and tears too. Beauty means knowing that even when my thighs rub or my hair is damp with sweat that I am beautiful. Beauty is a gorgeous pair of new shoes. Beauty is a new fragrance or a tried and true old favorite. Beauty is the perfect red lipstick. Beauty is a hand written love note. Beauty is democracy.



I’m gearing up to launch TheTaiLife.com which is a content based hyper blog. It’s not so much about my life as it’s about the things that touch me. I use those things to inspire others. I’m not that person who likes putting my life and what I’m wearing on display, but I do realize that some of these elements inspire people. This is not about attention – I don’t need attention. And I’m not a blogger that has to build an audience – I already have relationships. This is about my mark on the world. My life on a day-to-day basis is rich. Imperfect, but rich with experience and love. I’m here to share whatever wisdom and knowledge I have from my own living and to allow others to see their possibility.


I ask my self, “What is my mark on the world?” Is it children? Is it a husband? Is it empowering women in a greater way? I connect with people through beauty, fashion, prose, conversation.  Social media enables me to do that even more now. I make it a point to respond to people and talk to them, because I really do care. That’s what makes my work meaningful and purposeful. The blog is a natural evolution, and I’m excited.



I have this saying when I love something so much: “That makes me wanna apply lipstick!” The simple act of beauty makes me happy. It’s important to tell someone how pretty she is and how much you love her lipstick. It will change the mood of an otherwise disgruntled and ugly situation to something beautiful. It will even soften a ‘hater’.  Beauty is an action. It’s a movement.


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