Desiree Rogers – Older, Sexy and a Bawse

Young ladies, here's a fantastic peek  into your future. Meet Desiree Rogers Desiree Rogers is the CEO of Johnson Publishing Co. – owner of Fashion Fair Cosmetics. She's a bonafide Bawse.  It makes total sense that I asked for a lunch meeting with Mrs. Rogers. I wanted to hear directly from her, what her next steps Read More »

Ashley Barnes: The Do-er + The Dreamer. What Is Beauty?

Ashely Barnes, VP of Do, GeorgiaNY Occupation: Partner, Georgia NY. I handle sales, marketing, growth and whatever else needs doing.   Passion: Promoting holistic ideas about beauty. I’m really proud to work for a brand that is interested in the whole person and provides natural products to enhance the beauty experience.   Daily beauty routine: Read More »

Be Curious. Experience Frequently. Do Things.

Be Curious. Beauties, Always stay curious enough to expose yourself to lots of opportunities. This has been my motto for as long as I can remember. Competitive gymnast, world traveler, circus acrobat, book editor, pet shop salesperson, night-club co-owner, fashion publicist, pond swimmer, beauty entrepreneur, tech start up co-founder, loyal friend, mother of 5, devoted 'first-lady'…these are Read More »

It Was The Year of The Female Dragon

Still & Formless for 2014 Beauties, At the start of each year I begin with a somewhat clumsy entry. It's a day or two of deep introspection where I think strongly about what I'm grateful for and deeply on my regrets. It's a combination that often brings me to tears and then to some of Read More »

We Are Stars. 2014 is here!

Into the New Year we go - together! 2014 Stars, I believe in you. I know you. I see you. Try your best each day to find joy in the little things...these happinesses will sustain you through life. There is no need to know everything, but you must find the few things you care to Read More »

On Color + Love – GeorgiaNY keeps it real

Besties I was talking with my six year old son, Penel, the other day and through our conversation he heard me refer to our dear family friend as a "white woman".  He looked at me and said, "WHAT, Charcy is white?!?  But she's the same color as my foot." Then he shrugged and said, "She Read More »

The Unrealistic Expectations of Girls: MamaBear Mondays

My Ladybug The Unrealistic Expectations of Girls When I say my life is crazy-beautiful, I truly mean it. Each day is a frenzy of obligations and deadlines - yet somehow my family and work finally feel really, really great. But as we all know, things shift so quickly and lessons are hard hitting….it’s always smart Read More »

Latham Thomas: Own Your Magic. What Is Beauty?

  Latham, the magician       Latham Thomas Occupation: Wellness Practitioner, Author, Founder of Mama Glow Passion: Helping women achieve optimal wellbeing through pregnancy and claiming their power within Work Philosophy and Strategy: Do what moves you. I really listen to the whispers within to guide me in making decisions.  If it doesn't feel Read More »

Maryam Moma. Let It Fow. What Is Beauty?

Maryam Moma - Creative Director, Yamerra Maryam Moma Occupation: Entrepreneur, Model, Creative Director at Yamerra Passion: Creating and giving value. I'm passionate about my family, food, travel, art, experiencing other cultures, music, and things that strengthen and enrich the mind. Daily beauty routine: My daily beauty routine is always with natural products - cleansing, toning and moisturizing Read More »

Beauty As Your Tool

Try looking at something you love "The more the connection is made to health, confidence or self-esteem, the more that beauty becomes a tool that women can use..." - Linda Wells, WWD When I fall asleep at night I never feel beautiful. Nor should I have to. Beauty isn't something I think about all the Read More »

Sharone Komoroff: The SImple Beauty. What Is Beauty?

  Sharone Komoroff, simple beauty Occupation: I own, Pachute, a women's boutique in NYC Passion: My family Daily beauty routine: The name of my shop, Pachute, means "simple" in Hebrew. I named it that because I really believe in keeping things simple. Simple beauty, simple clothing, simple foods. Of course I've not always been this way. Read More »

He’s a Hero, Accept it! Charles Ramsey. by Candice Cook /GeorgiaWORLD

Candice Cook (far left) + me + Sophia Chang Beauties, GeorgiaWORLD Guest Bloggers: These women are contagious trailblazers and fresh-thinking forecasters - all stunning, interesting and opinionated. They've connected their dots and harnessed multiple passions to become what I think are the blueprints for the new modern woman - each approaching life, success and their own personal Read More »