Advice for Husbands

It should always be like....Hot SEX on a Platter Beauties, I thought I'd open up this week with some insightful humor from a woman I know dearly, but remains anonymous for these purposes.  Read the entire thing. It's so damn hysterical ...and right on point. Share it. Comment on it! -Jodie ------------------------------------------ I came across Read More »

Words Matter. Compliments vs Daggers

In the right place at the right time Beauties, I'm too often second guessing myself, and almost always feeling some level of displacement. It's this weird, schizophrenic thing that women, generally do.  At one moment, we question if  we're doing enough. And then a split second later we're wondering how we can do more. And Read More »

Delphine Diallo: The Everything-Woman. What Is Beauty?

Delphine Diallo. Self Portrait. Delphine Diallo   Occupation: Photographer, collagist, director.   Passion: Everything....Research, science, anthropology, psychology, religions, mythologies, traveling, photography, reading, life.   Daily Beauty Routine: I wake up and jump right into the shower - scrubbing my body with a luffa glove & Origins, Modern Friction. I clean my face with Brightening Foaming Cleanser Read More »

Raising Free + Powerful Kids!

Don't be afraid of pain You've never met a winner who hasn't felt real pain.   Body blows are not something most young girls, or women, are used to receiving. Under the normal circumstances, we are thought of as something to preserve. Nice, maintained, pretty, reserved and fragile are concious and subconcious descriptors of females. Read More »

Judia Black. Enthusiast: What is Beauty?

  Pretty is as Pretty does - Judia Black, Food + Wine Enthusiast Judia Black Occupation: Entrepreneur, Sommelier, Food & Wine Enthusiast, Lover of Life Passion: I'm compassionate and I love connecting with others.  Seeing the best in people and then helping them reach their height potential - that's what I'm really into. Daily Beauty Routine: I Read More »

Jada Pinket Smith on Blended Families

Blended, Mixed and Mashed-Up Beauties, Jada Pinket Smith is a smart woman. She's so precise with her words that I was compelled to share some of them with you.  Plus, the subject matter hit home for me and sent me into deep thoughts about my very own blended family. Beautiful and quite complex - The Read More »

Too Cool For High School: Beauty & The Teen

Fran+Norah+Ali - My H/S posse - dancing the night away at AREA   High School Beauty: HAIR: Super wide curling iron, daily. Flipped bang. Lemon to highlight the tips (ouch). MAKE-UP: Black eyeliner on the outside and inside of my eyes. Face Powder. SKIN: DYI Plain-Yoguart facials, weekly. ATTITUDE: Everything is possible.  

SheaRadiance – The Best Hair Trilogy Out! Transformation Tuesday

Beauties, Dry scalp, weak hair - NOT my problem One of my dirty-little secrets is my dry scalp. Sounds silly and trite, but I’m not joking. Quite frequently, I’m all dolled up and ready to go get ‘em, and then, my freakin’ scap interrupts my flow. It’s not dandruff. It’s not about frequent washings. It’s Read More »

Penelope, Gender & Our Very Own Superhero: Mama Bear Mondays

I thought I knew it all - and then came Penelope Beauties, If things in life made sense at first glance, life would be dull. We have to go deep to find meaning. Meet Penelope. My third child. The self proclaimed Superhero. Penelope defies most stereotypes and challenges anyone she meets to re-think ideas of Read More »

Get Your Beauty In Order for the New Year. New You. Fancy Fridays

Beauty Without Struggle GEORGIA by Jodie Patterson Beauties, Happy New Year! I'm sure we're on the right path. I just know it. 'Beauty Without Struggle' is my motto this year and forever more. So done with the ugly side of this industry. Let's redefine what beauty truly means. I made our line for you!  Busy, Read More »