Maryam Moma. Let It Fow. What Is Beauty?

Maryam Moma. Let It Fow. What Is Beauty?

Beauty flows

Maryam Moma – Creative Director, Yamerra

Maryam Moma

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Model, Creative Director at Yamerra

Passion: Creating and giving value. I’m passionate about my family, food, travel, art, experiencing other cultures, music, and things that strengthen and enrich the mind.

Daily beauty routine: My daily beauty routine is always with natural products – cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day.  I use product with active ingredients to rejuvenate and soothe my skin. Depending on the pace of my day, I may inject an additional 5-minute skin pamper session, to freshen-up and revive me! My go-to’s: Origins “A Perfect World” Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea, Selara Faces Skin Brightening Toner with Aloe, Yamerra’s Natural Facial Serum (during the day), Georgia NY Luxury Face Oil (at night), and Clear Skin Essential Oil blend by Doterra.

Hair routine: My hair routine is minimal simply because I try not to do too much to upset its natural balance. All I do is wash my hair with clarifying shampoo once a month and deep condition it every five days. I apply Yamerra’s Lemon Fire Bliss on my scalp after every deep condition (this relieves itchiness), plus a blend of organic coconut and olive oils and finally a drizzle of my Georgia NY Geranium Oil every other night before I wrap it to sleep. I shy away from pressing or blow-drying unless I need to. I’m into leaving it in is natural and tightly curled state as much as possible.

What does beauty mean to me: Beauty is a sense, like taste – it varies from person to person.  For me, beauty is something that is profound, like anything and everything that can inspire awe inside of me. Things that make me elated to be alive, sounds and especially smells (like the smell of cardamom and coconut-doused sweet plantains in my mother’s Tanzanian household).  Beauty is not just visual, to me it’s particularly about the way things feel – “That to which the soul resonates.” It is these subtle things that we can’t always put a proper word to that sets off something within.  Beauty.

Beauty Note: Love Your Skin. Love Your Hair. Love You. Beauty will flow to you and through you.



Beauty As Your Tool

Beauty As Your Tool

Try looking at something you love

Try looking at something you love

“The more the connection is made to health, confidence or self-esteem, the more that beauty becomes a tool that women can use…” – Linda Wells, WWD

When I fall asleep at night I never feel beautiful. Nor should I have to.

Beauty isn’t something I think about all the time, believe it or not. Most of the time I’m thinking, “Am I capable-smart-strong-loving enough?”  These are the measurements that I focus on each day. When I fall asleep at night, the last thing I’m feeling is beautiful. I’m usually doing my next-day check-list and performing mental gymnastics to figure out just how it’s all going to get done.That’s when I’m in my ‘Go-Mode’. And that alone, is exhausting.

When I do think of beauty, I use it as a tool to offer relief from all the heavy thoughts that occupy my mind. I look at something beautiful – like, something/someone with exceptional grace, color, memory or form – and that helps me to actually feel beautiful.

Beauty triggers beauty. Try it, it works!  When you want to feel beautiful, sit with something you adore, something that you know is beautiful.  Then look at it, study it, think about it. Become that beauty.  Not only will your body adjust, but your face will too.

The activity of being beautiful – inspired by things and people around.



Sharone Komoroff: The SImple Beauty. What Is Beauty?

Sharone Komoroff: The SImple Beauty. What Is Beauty?


Simple Beauty, Sharone Komoroff

Sharone Komoroff, simple beauty

Occupation: I own, Pachuteopens in a new window, a women’s boutique in NYC

Passion: My family

Daily beauty routine: The name of my shop, Pachute, means “simple” in Hebrew. I named it that because I really believe in keeping things simple. Simple beauty, simple clothing, simple foods. Of course I’ve not always been this way. But at 43, and since having children, and being in a really strong & loving relationship with my husband, I’ve found that simple just works better for me.

So my beauty routine is pretty basic. I wash my face with warm water when I first get up and before going to sleep. I mosturize my face with Guinot Pleine Vie. For my body I use Luxury Skin Oil by Georgiaopens in a new window right after I shower. I love the Gardenia smell. I don’t wear make up except for maybe mascara if I’m going somewhere. I’m really into having clean teeth so I brush a lot, too much actually, with Crest Whitening Paste. I’m in love with my fragrance, Mure et Musc Extreme by L’Artisan.…that’s it!

Hair routine: I highlight my hair, and cut it a few times a year.  I’ve been to so many different people, and  the truth is most have not been that good. I’m still chasing the look I had when I was 16, on the beach everyday in Haifa, Israel, where I’m from. The best hair cutter and colorist was my first, my friend Menny. He still cuts it now when I go home (or when he comes here). He’s magic! About a year ago, I finally found someone really great here in NYC.  Ludovic works at Alessandro Mangerini.  I wash it a few times a week with Dove shampoo and Conditioner. I blow the front pieces and let the rest of it air dry. I then spray Summer Hair by Fekkai all over…it’s supposed to give hair a ‘beach look’.

What does beauty mean to you: I see a lot of women everyday in my shop…and I have really found that nothing makes a women more beautiful than happiness. Happiness is beautiful.

Beauty Note: The longer you stare in the mirror the less beautiful you look.

Delphine Diallo: The Everything-Woman. What Is Beauty?

Delphine Diallo: The Everything-Woman. What Is Beauty?

Delphine Diallo. The Everything-Woman

Delphine Diallo. Self Portrait.

Delphine Diallo


Occupation: Photographer, collagist, director.


Passion: Everything….Research, science, anthropology, psychology, religions, mythologies, traveling, photography, reading, life.


Daily Beauty Routine: I wake up and jump right into the shower – scrubbing my body with a luffa glove & Origins, Modern Friction. I clean my face with Brightening Foaming Cleanser by l’occitane. I use a body oil called Spring Flower by Aura Cacia plus a little touch of White Musk, perfume oil from the Body Shop.


My make-up is “quick”. First I always apply Miracle Skin Transformer, Vanish by Sarah McNamara. Then a Bobby Brown foundation plus a light retoucher from Yves St Laurent.  A quick touch of Bobby Brown Cheeks in Pale Pink for my cheeks AND lips. A little bit of bronzing powder by MAC is always essential. Next come the eyes, definitely the most important part of my make up routine. Purple shadow, a great mascara, and a black pen to draw a line underneath – creating the illusion that they’re bigger.  That’s it, voila!


Hair Routine: I simply brush – all the time – using Silk from Biotherapy.


What Does Beauty Mean To Me: Ha! After explaining all the work I do to feel good, it’s not honest if I just talk about ‘internal beauty’. Truth: Both the outside and the inside need to be combined and balanced. Sometimes, beauty is simply a feeling or an emotion and has nothing to do with the superficial. It’s beyond time and age. Beauty can be found everywhere, especially if we’re able to ‘pass’ beauty on to family and friends. Because truthfully, people make people beautiful.


Beauty Note: Love yourself and express yourself. Be confident and your life will be beautiful.

Judia Black. Enthusiast: What is Beauty?

Judia Black. Enthusiast: What is Beauty?


Pretty is as Pretty does – Judia Black, Food + Wine Enthusiast

Judia Black

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Sommelier, Food & Wine Enthusiast, Lover of Life

Passion: I’m compassionate and I love connecting with others.  Seeing the best in people and then helping them reach their height potential – that’s what I’m really into.

Daily Beauty Routine: I meditate and exercise every day, that’s how I start my process. Plus, I include drinks and foods with a high water content. For skin cleansing I use Cetaphil, and sometimes Olay Regenerist for an additional exfoliation.  My skin tends to be uneven, so I use Cellex-C or Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum to even out my tone and eliminate fine lines.  Lastly, Georgia Face Oilopens in a new window for moisturizing.

Hair Routine: I lightly moisturize everyday with an easily absorbed oil like Argan Oil or Shea Butter. I wash my hair every three days, deep condition with a hydrating mask at least once a week and a protein treatment once a month.

My Must-Haves: I’m always experimenting with new products, but try my best to use a low-sulfate shamppo. I love the Moroccan Oil moisturizing mask and leave-in products! Sarynakey African Shea Oil products with natural keratin are great too. AG Fast Food is a wonderful leave-in conditioner for when I don’t have time to do a deep conditioning mask.

What Beauty Means to Me: Beauty starts within – literally, you’re as beautiful as you feel!  Plus, I believe, it’s all about love, and the person who truly loves herself and humanity – radiates beauty.

Beauty Note: My grandmother used to say to me, Pretty is as Pretty does. Action resonates with me.



How My Very Small Business Just Expanded. Flow: Breakthrough

How My Very Small Business Just Expanded. Flow: Breakthrough

When Control No Longer Works


I’m never comfortable releasing control – just ask my Teen, my PapaBear, or even my mother. To release and to let go is not in my DNA. I prefer to hold on tight and stay involved. I like the feeling of being tied to something – even entangled. Bizzar but true. There’s something romantic about it.  And yes, I’ve become a very loyal friend because of this, with close compatriots from as far back as the sixth grade.

On the flip side, keeping control doesn’t always pan out well for me. Just ask my holistic doctor, my therapist or my business associates. For me, staying in ‘control’ has kept my my business small (and body toxic).  For Control Freaks like myself, it’s difficult to delegate and therefore to scale our businesses. I’ve tried to do everything on my own, but of course that’s simply not possible.  One can’t be Creative Director, Operations Manager, CFO, CEO, Publicist, Marketing Director, Brand Strategist, and Sales Rep all at once.

The One-Woman-Show simply does not work outside of a burlesque environment.

The truth is, we entrepreneurs have to release control so that things can grow, energy can flow and EVERYTHING moves forward.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on expanding my team. I now have Sales Reps (Check this oneopens in a new window) (and this one too!)opens in a new window who sell our line, and an intuitive Gap Closeropens in a new window who takes my brilliant ideas and completes them, a trusted CFOopens in a new window who keeps us up and running, a divine Creative Museopens in a new window, a brilliant Execution Team of smarties who are all very capable of running their own businesses and probably will one day, and not to be forgotten a Wellness Expert who clears my body and mind of debris – so that I can keep us all moving forward.

I’m committed to winning – in business, health and happiness. And to win, I needed to release.


– Jodie

*Joseph Ghartey – CFO

* Johnica Reed – Gap Closer

*Janice Bond – Sales & Culture Guru (South & Midwest)

*Rakia Reynolds – Sales, Marketing & PR Maven (North East)

*Talmie Shimadai – Digestive Health Expert – 718 676-1500