Transitions require...

Young ladies, here’s a fantastic peek  into your future. Meet Desiree Rogers

Desiree Rogers is the CEO of Johnson Publishing Co. – owner of Fashion Fair Cosmetics. She’s a bonafide Bawse.  It makes total sense that I asked for a lunch meeting with Mrs. Rogers. I wanted to hear directly from her, what her next steps would be. As the former Social Secretary to the White House, Ms. Rogers is known for thinking out of the box and making bold moves.  I’m drawn to that.

Fashion Fair is a classic. Plain and simple, FF is our Chanel. It will forever be on a pedestal. But, is it sexy and spontaneous? Does it feel fresh?  Can it seduce you, grab your attention and hold it? Desiree Rogers believes so.

While I sat with Ms. Rogers over coffee, I was reminded that in life, we must evaluate our positioning and then make a power move.  And so I ask myself, “Where do I stand? As an older woman, what is my position?

As we get older, our beauty is more about our feelings than our features. And we start to use product as our tool. Think Oprah and Faye Dunaway, Halle Berry, Phylicia Rashad, Desiree Rogers. These women are some of the most beautiful babes we know, because they’re confident.  They’re sexy because they own it. Even if they weren’t mega stars, you’d stop and notice them first in a crowd.

If truth be told, there are things that are happening to my old(er)body and my aging physical beauty that I really don’t prefer. Follicles are failing, skin is shifting and fat has taken strange detours. The beautiful flip side to getting older is there are things that happen to our confidence and our drive that give our beauty the most powerful boost.

To my ladies: There are many things that can make an older woman feel pitiful, hair loss and sagging skin are the nicest of the bunch. But we can be pitiful or we can be powerful. We can’t be both. Find what makes you powerful and then make your move. Will all the older ladies, please stand up!


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