Candice Cook (far left) + me + Sophia Chang

Candice Cook (far left) + me + Sophia Chang


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Candice Cook.  She’s an attorney, business strategist, writer, and philanthropist living in New York.  Her company The Cook Law Group & Ca-Co Global Inc. can be found hereopens in a new window! Candice is passionate about current events.


Let’s think about the two women who were rescued.  If it were not for the heroic measures of Mr. Charles Ramsey, they might very well still be chained and raped, and still as victims to what can only be described as a brutal, violent, vicious crime against women and children.

What I know is that the police came several times to the house, yet it was Ramsey that saved them. Forget the Big Mac for now, Mr. Ramsey has earned our respect. Fine, SNL, get your comedy on. But seriously, the significance of what he did is being insultingly overshadowed. The fact that the women were kidnapped and impregnated has taken a back seat to some strange comedy.

We make assumptions about the goodness of others based on their economic status. Let’s all acknowledge that Ramsey is the personification of good.

The interesting thing is that the spirit of Mr. Ramsey is and remains (throughout all of the press and despite the repugnant mockery) beautiful.  He is who he is – which at the very least is a hero. Best of all, he owns himself.  His full self, complete with a sordid and imperfect history. Period.

That is inner beauty at its finest.  He’s not concerned with being society’s version of a Clark Kent hero nor is he taking the jibes thrown at him with hostility or even a bit too seriously.  He’s stated that he is simply an American. I assert, that in addition, he is also awesome.


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