As parents, we never stop


What is enough? What is sufficient?

I’ve been asking myself this a lot recently. As a mom there is always more to do and more to give – but recently it feels like there might be less to spread around. I mean really, how many ways can the pie be sliced? How much magic can one woman make? With all that we parents have on our plates and all the individual needs of our kids, I’m constantly looking for effective ways to give them the most – spiritually, academically, socially.

My friend Lauri wrote: “If we love (our kids) beyond comprehension, feed and shelter and clothe them, give them a fine and thoughtful education, provide them with a connection to their past by creating opportunities to spend time with their (families) and give them a loving community of friends and peers to support them daily –  can we stop there?”

No. Of course not. There is no stopping, as a parent. It’s a continuous, joyous up hill ballet (as I like to call it).  But exactly how we continue on doing and giving more today than we did yesterday – I haven’t the answer. I don’t know exactly how we do it, but somehow it’s done. Parents live for their kids and become successful and accomplished for them as well. Because, let’s face it, if it weren’t for the motivation of our mini-me’s, many of us would be chilling on a most remote island working out some awesome yoga position.  For real, the simple life is a compelling option as we get older – if it weren’t for our children.

Get quiet. Go deep. Ask for help.

I do know that recently, I’ve been moved to pray. Like –  closing my eyes and going internal, deep into that place where I ask for help. I’ve been talking mostly with my dad, as I’m sure we’re forever connected. And also with Spirit, because, well, why not check in at the highest level?

Prayer is new for me. First I unload all my worries and questions and then I ask for guidance – for a clear path to what’s best for my family. I ask for the things I want and for whatever is good that I may not be able to identify. I also express gratitude. It’s my chance to say thank you for everything wonderful in my life.

And yes, I do realize it’s opportunistic to pray when in need. But…I’m in urgent need of some back up over here. These days, I’m thankful for help to move my team towards the goals I’ve set.  I believe it’s true that ‘you can have whatever you receive’. So with that in mind, I’m doing my best to have the ultimate game plan.

1/ Identify what it is exactly that I want (take time to look around and absorb life – ideas will come)

2/ Ask for what I want (in quiet prayer and out loud to those around you)

3/ Get in position to receive what it is I want (no sleeping in all day, no funky moods all day, no waisted energy on superficial nonsense…)

Prayer is new to me, and it’s something I enjoy. If for no other more simple reason than to hear my small voice connected to the limitless universe.