Still & Formless for 2014

Still & Formless for 2014


At the start of each year I begin with a somewhat clumsy entry. It’s a day or two of deep introspection where I think strongly about what I’m grateful for and deeply on my regrets. It’s a combination that often brings me to tears and then to some of my highest moments of clarity. My belief in God, my love of family, my will  – all go through a cleansing during which I try to remove layers and layers and layers of ego. My goal is to go from ‘form’ to ‘formless’ being…if only for a few minutes.

I’ve termed 2013, The Year of The Female Dragon.  We beasted and worked so hard on our goals. I watched so many of my girlfriends do more than ever before to get what they wanted. I was clear on what I wanted and took every opportunity presented. I essentially never said “no”.  Work became overwhelming at times and often took center stage to my daily routine. My family worked with me – gently, patiently, lovingly – and kept us all together.

For 2014, I continue to be focused on hitting that ‘cross court winner’, but this year I’ll do it through Stillness (or at least moments of stillness and meditation each day), and Formlessness (being without ego as much as possible). Because truthfully, as I get older and recognize how precious time is, the only thing that really matters is living as long as possible in a healthy and happy state – and this I believe, is how we do it.

Into the New Year we go – together!