Lana Ogilvie


Occupation: Mom, model, jeweler, creative thinker


Passion: Music and art


Work philosophy: I enjoy going to work with people I truly like. I’ve never really played ‘the game’ in the fashion industry. I always hope people book me because they enjoy working with me and like me as a person. (Being able to sell the product helped too.) But I was never interested in paying the kind of ‘ego games’ that go on in most entertainment industries – models fall into that field. I’ve had great success, but could have probably been even more successful if I had subscribed to that philosophy.


Biggest mistake: Naïveté


A treasured success: My longevity and consistency as a working model. I’m still on a busy schedule after 25 years!


A credit to my success: I’m actually very funny and much wilder than I outwardly appear!


Daily beauty routine: I wash then  use an organic Marula anti-oxidant face serum, followed by an organic moisturizer with Damas rose and coconut, Tamanu, and vitamin E oils. Then, a heavier moisturizer with SPF 30. Plus an organic anti-inflammatory eye cream. I wear mascara everyday because I have such thin lashes.


Hair routine: I wish I had more time to spend on my hair. I brush with a Denman bristle brush. It’s made for extension so the bristles are are long and have more space between each bristle, plus the bristles are harder so it really goes through my hair. I use Olio Relax by Kerastase. Expensive but you don’t need much so it lasts forever.


What does beauty mean to you? Being secure in your own skin.


Beauty Mantra: Always wash your face at night, even if you don’t have on makeup.