Latham owns her magic!

Latham, the magician




Latham Thomas

Occupation: Wellness Practitioner, Author, Founder of Mama Glowopens in a new window

Passion: Helping women achieve optimal wellbeing through pregnancy and claiming their power within

Work Philosophy and Strategy: Do what moves you. I really listen to the whispers within to guide me in making decisions.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

Biggest Mistake: I don’t believe in mistakes. God orders my steps so even when something is out of balance or goes wrong, I can embrace it as a lesson because everything I’ve done up until now has made me who I am.

A Treasured Success: Giving birth to my son, Fulano.

One thing no one really knows that is a credit to my success: Being a single parent thrust me into action-hustle mode as a provider. That Mama Lion role permeates my work as well.

Daily beauty routine: I rise up for the day and I think a good thought- and then plop down on the floor to stretch and meditate for a few before I wake up my son. I think that time for myself where I move my body brings blood flow to my skin and makes my face glow. I care for my face with Tata Harper skin care- rejuvenating cleanser, floral toner, and serum. I also use argan oil by Khahina beauty when it’s especially dry or cold outside.

Hair routine: Wash with Royal Rinse, and twist with cold pressed coconut oil

What does beauty mean to me: Embracing every aspect of who I am- walking in confidence, grace, and abundant radiance.

My Beauty Mantra: We each have a certain magic within us that no one else possesses. Own it! Let it shine through you and light up your path and all who come into your orbit.