Beauty flows

Maryam Moma – Creative Director, Yamerra

Maryam Moma

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Model, Creative Director at Yamerra

Passion: Creating and giving value. I’m passionate about my family, food, travel, art, experiencing other cultures, music, and things that strengthen and enrich the mind.

Daily beauty routine: My daily beauty routine is always with natural products – cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day.  I use product with active ingredients to rejuvenate and soothe my skin. Depending on the pace of my day, I may inject an additional 5-minute skin pamper session, to freshen-up and revive me! My go-to’s: Origins “A Perfect World” Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea, Selara Faces Skin Brightening Toner with Aloe, Yamerra’s Natural Facial Serum (during the day), Georgia NY Luxury Face Oil (at night), and Clear Skin Essential Oil blend by Doterra.

Hair routine: My hair routine is minimal simply because I try not to do too much to upset its natural balance. All I do is wash my hair with clarifying shampoo once a month and deep condition it every five days. I apply Yamerra’s Lemon Fire Bliss on my scalp after every deep condition (this relieves itchiness), plus a blend of organic coconut and olive oils and finally a drizzle of my Georgia NY Geranium Oil every other night before I wrap it to sleep. I shy away from pressing or blow-drying unless I need to. I’m into leaving it in is natural and tightly curled state as much as possible.

What does beauty mean to me: Beauty is a sense, like taste – it varies from person to person.  For me, beauty is something that is profound, like anything and everything that can inspire awe inside of me. Things that make me elated to be alive, sounds and especially smells (like the smell of cardamom and coconut-doused sweet plantains in my mother’s Tanzanian household).  Beauty is not just visual, to me it’s particularly about the way things feel – “That to which the soul resonates.” It is these subtle things that we can’t always put a proper word to that sets off something within.  Beauty.

Beauty Note: Love Your Skin. Love Your Hair. Love You. Beauty will flow to you and through you.