Here’s the funny thing…I am horrible with all things technical. Can’t find the Finder button to save my life. My teenage daughter, Georgia is constantly helping me upload images, edit video, sign documents from my laptop…all that. I struggle with all six of my gadgets, daily, and easily get confused with all the options and buttons. It’s safe to say I’m unable to exist with my devices alone.  Thank goodness for my trusted tribe of loved ones who try hard not to roll their eyes when I ask for their assistance.  PapaBear says that I simply don’t apply myself, but the real story is – I’m not wired for this new way of living.

Here’s the irony….I am the Instagram, FB, YouTube, Twitter, Blog Queen. I capture everything and I mean EVERYTHING that’s going on in my life and share it through social networking platforms. I even produced a video series on beauty, Girl Crush, of which I helped to edit! I really enjoy the upside of technology, and the activity of capturing + sharing. Plus, I love how our gadgets keep my family linked while we roam and explore.  I’m in love with this mysterious and confusing beast – technology. She’s like my best friend. We travel side-by-side through life.

And somehow, in the midst of all this fumbling and stumbling with technology, Dell – the tech company, has chosen me to be amongst their #Inspire 100 list of Entrepreneurs, World Changers, Creatives and Taste Makers.  I like what they’re messaging – ‘No matter who you are – regardless of your make-up or your tribe – technology belongs to you. It lives for you.

I’m honored to be part of this impressive and diverse group. Check us out on their FB pageopens in a new window!

“Technology inspires me to think bigg(er). It’s my adhesive, the ‘sticky’ that allows all the important parts of my life to co-exist. With technology, my family can stay productive, organized and connected, as we follow our passions – often from opposite corners of the world.”