Simple Beauty, Sharone Komoroff

Sharone Komoroff, simple beauty

Occupation: I own, Pachuteopens in a new window, a women’s boutique in NYC

Passion: My family

Daily beauty routine: The name of my shop, Pachute, means “simple” in Hebrew. I named it that because I really believe in keeping things simple. Simple beauty, simple clothing, simple foods. Of course I’ve not always been this way. But at 43, and since having children, and being in a really strong & loving relationship with my husband, I’ve found that simple just works better for me.

So my beauty routine is pretty basic. I wash my face with warm water when I first get up and before going to sleep. I mosturize my face with Guinot Pleine Vie. For my body I use Luxury Skin Oil by Georgiaopens in a new window right after I shower. I love the Gardenia smell. I don’t wear make up except for maybe mascara if I’m going somewhere. I’m really into having clean teeth so I brush a lot, too much actually, with Crest Whitening Paste. I’m in love with my fragrance, Mure et Musc Extreme by L’Artisan.…that’s it!

Hair routine: I highlight my hair, and cut it a few times a year.  I’ve been to so many different people, and  the truth is most have not been that good. I’m still chasing the look I had when I was 16, on the beach everyday in Haifa, Israel, where I’m from. The best hair cutter and colorist was my first, my friend Menny. He still cuts it now when I go home (or when he comes here). He’s magic! About a year ago, I finally found someone really great here in NYC.  Ludovic works at Alessandro Mangerini.  I wash it a few times a week with Dove shampoo and Conditioner. I blow the front pieces and let the rest of it air dry. I then spray Summer Hair by Fekkai all over…it’s supposed to give hair a ‘beach look’.

What does beauty mean to you: I see a lot of women everyday in my shop…and I have really found that nothing makes a women more beautiful than happiness. Happiness is beautiful.

Beauty Note: The longer you stare in the mirror the less beautiful you look.