Me and my clique, clique, clique


Someone asked me the other day: How do you balance it all – work life with home life?

Here’s the short answer: There is no balance. I’m not balanced. All of my girlfriends are not balanced. I’m not even sure if balance is the goal.

The better goal is to be a whole woman. It’s an ongoing process.

What I’ve figured out is that I’m ok with my crazy life, simply because I make sure to do  everything I love – every single week.  Here’s how I do it: First, I identify all of my “musts” – all the things that I must do to make myself happy.  Then, I touch them – every week. For me it’s all about: family, travel, business, health, random thoughts & beauty. These are my defining elements that make me whole.

Touch what you love each week – family, work, health, travel, beauty…

Every week I make sure I touch all six elements – multiple times throughout the week. Some weeks I do more ‘mommying’ because the kids need me – for school projects, tests, nightmares and such.  On these days, I’m cursing under my breath as my work-obligations get put on hold.  Other weeks, I’m submersed in work deadlines trying to complete web site changes for the team in India and packaging design work for Brad on the upper east side.  Those weeks, I’ve been known to turn in a school project a day late. That, no doubt, is the worst feeling of all.

A trip to PS1 w/ my crew (family+travel+beauty) all in one day!

Alas, gratification always comes. In fact it comes to me every week. No matter what direction the week leans, and how unbalanced it feels, I will always make sure I do it all – more or less.  My six elements mean the most to me. So I show them respect.

3 generations

I own my crazy life.  All of it.